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[TUT] Skype Sign in/out Problem Solved !

Hello Geeks,

Well many of you people might be knowing about this annoying error. it always accrues on Windows Based Operating System,
So Today i found a way to resolve this issue.
we often get this type of error on skype.
when we close it in current Running computer session it will Throw an error like this :
"You are already signed in on this computer" or
"We can not open skype. You are already signed in on this computer. please sign out and try again"

so i have found a resolution that will help you out.

- Open CMD With Administrative Rights
-  write this code : "Start %appdata%\\Skype" (without quotes)

It will open "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Skype"

Folder. It's A Temporary folder which saves data of current Skype User on a particular system.

now just Right click on your Skype username and delete file.
Make sure that you have Completely Logged out from skype check out Task bar.

After Deleting that folder just  Open Skype Again !

Guess what? It will work 100% if don't then you can Contact us.
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