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Save Your Eyes Before You Die! #App #Computing

Yes you heard it correctly. in this computing world people are watching more digital things then real things ..
digital Computing Devices like mobile screen, laptop screen, Television screen etc. which can harm your eyes very brutally(oops harsh word!).
while ongoing protest in Mars against #NASA


I have decided to exploit internet by writing another Cool Article about this Digital world

So there is a cool App known as F.lux in the internet.
which will give more comfort to your eyes!

"When I look into your eyes,
I see all I will ever need.
The woman I behold,
Just waiting to be freed.

Your face shows a beauty,
That overwhelms my desire.
Your courage and strength,
Are the things I admire. "

After installing F.lux you will start singing this poetry for your computing device Because you will the difference. Your eyes will look no longer Scary or Red like a zombie!

So Basically F.lux will adjust your Computer's display in a way which will stop harmful pixel sparked by electrons in your screen and therefor,
it will only throw soft rays in night.

it will automatically activate the safe mode for eyes, when night is about to hide the sun in your place.

It's Free and always will be i guess!

it supports :
Windows, Macintos, Linux and Iphone/iPod.

Screenshots don't work so i tried to capture my screen using my phone (Yeah The Smart one).
And here are the results :

and after running f.lux Software on my RPG(Laptop).
i got this output :

That's it! you can get this f.lux by clicking here.
or there are other ways to waste your time by Google,Bing or Yahoo Things!

Enjoy Your Day folks!
And Stay Geeky.


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