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Best Way to Install A Fresh Operating System in your Hard disk drive.


In This Computing we often get infected by unknown virus or other ad-ware tools, which will ultimately make your computing experience  more frustrating and miserable. 
So what to do? when things go wrong?
we simply refresh our PC by Formatting Windows OS and The Chamber of Secrets!
Well i was talking about the Local Disk (C:) Drive.

We all have PC/Laptop with CD/DVD Drive but installing stuffs from a CD/DVD Writer is kinda Old fashion.
This is the Era of USB 3.0 !
USB 3.0 Standard makes your data transfer much faster and ultimately it will save your time!
make sure when you buy new Gadgets check weather it can support USB 3.0 or not because you don't buy a new technology everyday.
Okay so you got a USB Pen drive now what?

You will need .ISO File copy of your Operating system. As you can see above i got some Ubuntu, Windows 10,windows 8 as well as the classic Windows xp!
so now you will need a tool which will make your USB Pen drive bootable. The tool is called as "Rufus"
You Can download Rufus from Here (788 KB). 
After downloading the file just run it and it will look like this :

  No_Label (M:) [4GB] is my old pen drive
insert your pen drive and run it again if it is not showing your USB storage. 
now go to the Tool bar which is near by  
"Create a bootable disk using" section select ISO Image from that option and click on that disk icon which will open up the file selection menu.

So as you can see above i have selected Windows 10 Pro x86 operating system but it will never work because i got 4GB and windows 10 will occupy more space. so i just picked up a random OS. you need to format pen drive for clean installation so make sure you take backup of your Data.
Now Click on start button it will warn you before you continue 
 Click ok and then it will take some time :

it will copy iso files on your USB Pen drive have patience.
Boom! after few minutes your USB Rocket is ready for the next mission.
Hope you enjoyed the article Stay Tuned for the next Review about Windows 10 operating system.


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