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Best App to boost your Computer and Mobile Speed!

In this Digital world every year we get new devices which have more powerful processors, Ram and Other Improved Features!
But currently we all are facing the same Lagging issue in almost every Android or Windows Based Devices of course there are other Operating systems too which are facing the same issue!

So people are using different apps in different Devices but recently i have found a beautiful App which will kinda change your life.
So basically this App will remove all your junk files from your  Ram,System catch and temporary files folder. which will boost up your computing experience and ultimately it will save lots of battery Power.
if you are a Android user then just go to settings and Apps section and disable unwanted running apps(some of them are tracking you 24 hours! #Becareful ) 

Ladies and gentleman here i am presenting the Magical App :
"Clean Master" Yes some of you might be aware of it.but anyways this app Occupies "The BEST" Title because it is super user friendly and Colorful design is just awesome.but this app also works well on computers also just check this out:
 see this its like babysitting job this tool will take care of your baby(computer).

Soo it will make your life much easier every time you open your browser it will always store some junk files and your Ram have to get rid of it. as soon as possible and if this does not happen then it will start creating troubles common problems are : "not enough space" errors or "Application is not responding"
here are destinations to download it:
for Android for Windows 
if you don't now about this app then share this article with your friends and if you know about it then its up to you.



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