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Homemade Hotspot Ver. 2.0 ! Use it like a #Thug #Windows

File sharing via WiFi/Bluetooth  become more popular in 21st Century.

We all know that New Technological Inventions are bringing Data sharing Related ideas which are mainly focused on speed and it will offer more reliability in terms of Security and data processing.
When you are out of Town with your Windows Notebook, You might face Trouble while sharing your internet with your Commuting Devices.

Wifi technology gives you freedom of Mobility and that's why today i am focused on this topic. Anyways Today i am going to release new Code for sharing wifi which will make your life more easy. This article is mainly based on Previous article called : Create Your Own Virtual #Hotspot #WiFi Tower In Two Minutes ! #windows
 You must check it out before you read further.
 So here we Go:

I just found a bug in last version of Hotspot and it was time consuming i guess.

The problem was when ever you try to share your internet every time you have to follow that boring old procedure! and which was find icon-->Select it--> Right click ---> Allow Administrative Rights-->  Finally you got your Virtual Wifi Router/Modem.
So now it will become more faster just put that *.bat file on your Taskbar and just push a gentle click on it and Boom new code will ask you for Administrative rights and you are done. it will work fine.

Here is the code to get Administrative Rights in Batch File Windows 8 :

So Now you got the code just paste it in NOTEPAD and save it as Geekdave.bat now two clicks are away and it will run wifi smoothly.
 Have Great Day!

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