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Get YouTube's Amazing Transparent Player design Now!

Since This April, YouTube's new design is buzzing all over the internet. 
it is popular because it is Transparent and it simply come up with it's amazing transparent design.
remember those days? when you had to move your mouse pointer to other side just to read subtitle while watching a foreign language solution. world is getting much batter. 

Currently most of YouTubers are having Old Standard design.

i call it black mamba design because it's annoying now. as you can see above Viral "Gold Digger prank" video. most you guys are experiencing this type of old player.that's why you must check out this new transparent player design :
Just look at it. Isn't it amazing?
most of  you guys will surely agree with me. the new design has also improved extra control buttons and the design of player's texture.
Let's get it now.
Chrome users have to download editthiscookie Extension.
Firefox users don't need to download anything.
you just have to add this   cookie on your browser. So just copy the below code :


firefox users you have to, open your any favorite youtube video. right click on blank space(not that Taylor swift song) and select inspect elements then click on console.  :
now add that code in the input box which is situated in the bottom.
it will ask your to type "allow cookie" if you are using this for the first time.
Chrome users need focus on extension and edit the cookie  called "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE" with Q06SngRDTGA Value  .
Reload the page and boom! you are done.You just got your new Transparent Youtube player in 3 minutes!
now contribute to the society and share this knowledge.
Stay Geeky!


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