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How to Add Captain America's shield on your Firefox to Increase Privacy Protection!

Recently i found bunch of websites when i visit those websites i found that there is something missing in my privacy shield.last time i wrote about How to speed up your internet speed 44% by Protecting Privacy! and i also shared a serious privacy issue on Is your Webcam Spying on You? Lets Find out! It will freak out you but also spreads awareness of how people must protect themselves in the internet world. 

So, How to get Captain America's Shield on your browser?
You will need just a Firefox browser. i prefer this browser because it allows you deep customization and Cool Security features too.
let's Hit the Firefox icon and start it.

in the new tab type "About:Config" and Hit the Enter Key.

You will see something like this :

 Click I'll be careful, I promise! after that find every line one by one and change the recommended settings shown below :

webgl.disabled = true
WebGL is a potential security risk.

browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl = false
Disables caching for ssl connections.

network.cookie.cookieBehavior = 2
Disable cookies
0 = accept all cookies by default
1 = only accept from the originating site (block third party cookies)
2 = block all cookies by default

network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer = false
Disable referrer headers between https websites.

privacy.trackingprotection.enabled = true
This is Mozilla’s new built in tracking protection.

geo.enabled = false
Disables geolocation.

browser.safebrowsing.enabled = false
Disable Google Safe Browsing and phishing protection. Security risk, but privacy improvement.

network.dnsCacheEntries = 100
Number of cached DNS entries. Lower number = More requests but less data stored.

browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled = false
Disable Google Safe Browsing malware checks. Security risk, but privacy improvement.

network.http.sendRefererHeader = 0
Disable referrer headers.

dom.event.contextmenu.enabled = false
Disables website control over rightclick context menu.

network.cookie.alwaysAcceptSessionCookies = false
Disables acceptance of session cookies.

network.cookie.lifetimePolicy = 2
cookies are deleted at the end of the session
0 = Accept cookies normally
1 = Prompt for each cookie
2 = Accept for current session only
3 = Accept for N days

network.dnsCacheExpiration = 60
Time DNS entries are cached in seconds.

places.history.enabled = false
Disables recording of visited websites.

browser.formfill.enable = false
Disables saving of form data.

browser.cache.disk.enable = false
Disables caching on hard rive.

browser.cache.memory.enable = false
Disables caching in memory.

browser.cache.offline.enable = false
Disables offline cache.

browser.send_pings = false
The attribute would be useful for letting websites track visitors’ clicks.

network.dns.disableIPv6 = true
If your OS or ISP does not support IPv6, there is no reason to have this preference set to false.

network.dns.disablePrefetch = true
To disable DNS prefetching you will need to add network.dns.disablePrefetch as a new boolean preference and set the value to true.

network.prefetch-next = false
Link prefetching is when a webpage hints to the browser that certain pages are likely to be visited, so the browser downloads them immediately so they can be displayed immediately when the user requests it. This preference controls whether link prefetching is enabled.

dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false
Disable that websites can get notifications if you copy, paste, or cut something from a web page, and it lets them know which part of the page had been selected.

network.websocket.enabled = false
WebSockets is a technology that makes it possible to open an interactive communication session between the user's browser and a server.

enjoy your new Privacy Shied and Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin :D

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