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Here is how to 'Actually' save battery life of your Android smartphone.

People often think that Android smartphones has low battery life than apple's ios products,but in reality Android is also optimized.
Many smartphone manufactures provide software optimization.
optimization simply means you get maximum performance with more efficiency from your device.
 So let's dive into it, here is how you can get maximum battery life out of your smartphone!
  • First thing, we must buy an Android which has highly efficient ROM(aka android OS). advance android OS versions has smoother than the butter response. your apps pops up with zero friction 'virtually' and gives you most optimized performance.Always buy phone with latest Android N, or Android O(if available)
  • Why you need to buy Android N/O versions? well, it comes up with Doze mode, Although it's still kinda in beta mode but still you can work with it.Doze mode basically send every idle app into meditative state where there is almost zero consumption of battery life.so always allow your device to transcend the battery hungry reality.
  • If you have are using dual simcards always disable unused sim network when you don't need it.it saves tons of battery juice.When data is off switch to 2G aka GSM mode if it's available. if wifi is available always switch to wifi network because you know Mobile network has to send/receive strong radio waves which eats your battery like a hungry hyena.
  • Another factor is 'SCREEN' yeah that gorgeous baseless screen/any form of screen. big screen requires big active pixels(if it's AMOLED), in short most of time 20% of your phone battery is consumed by your big buffalo screen.if it's AMOLED based you can disable most of tiny pixels LEDs from your device and you can save battery life. prefer black wallpaper,themes and night mode option on any app. it can radically change battery consumption cycle.if it's not AMOLED screen than you can simply set to lowest user friendly brightness you can't do much about it.
  • Disable those fancy sensors, disable GPS, WiFi scanning always available option from advanced WLAN settings,stop using camera to unlock your phone because camera eats more battery, disable 'sync' option (cation emails won't update if it's not automatic)
  • Disable bloatwares, what is bloatwares? basically apps which are Pre installed on your phone they track you,spam you and destroys your battery life by keep connecting with their fishy servers.never disable bloatwares with ADB command on PC.There is a tool called 'Debloater' which can do this job for you.although it might void your warranty so research about it. always disable those apps manually.if it's possible avoid using Google products(Gapps) and become free and gain control over your Privacy.
  • Don't use your phone while you are charging it,Why? Because it will drain faster heat produced by the charging process can decrease life cycle of smartphone's li-ion battery  and on rare cases it can catch fire also! so be careful about that. get quickcharge/fast charge supported smartphones if you can.
  • Stop using widgets,live  wallpapers or changing wallpapers apps
  • Go to settings>apps>ALL and disable this if you don't use them: Android Live Wallpapers, Android System Webview,Android Work Assistant,Basic Daydreams,Blackhole,Browser(use Lightening browser from play store),Bubbles,Calendar(if you don't use it)/calendar local Account and Calendar storage, Chrome(optional),Cloud Print(if you are not printing stuffs from your phone),com.android.phone.overlay,com.android.providers.partner,
    com.android.wallpaper.holospiral,ConfigUpdater,Device Policy,Docs,Drive,Email,Exchange Services,Gmail,Google Backup Transport,Google Contacts Sync,Google indic keyboard,Google One Time Init,Google Partner Setup,Google Play Books,Google play games and google play services(some games will stop working and youtube app),google play movies & TV,Google play music,Google play Store,Google Services Framework,Google Text-to-speech Engine,Google+,Hangouts,Home screen tips,HTML Viewer,Keep,LunarinfoProvider,Maps(if you don't travel alot),Market Feedback agent,Mobile services(Bloatware from Jio),Music Visualization wallpaper,MusicFX(use vlc for all video/audio stuffs),News & Weather,Phase Beam,Photo Screensavers,Photos,Print spooler,setup wizard,sheets,slides,Tags,Talkback,Trusted Face,Voice Dialer,Widevine Demo,Youtube(yeah official app is buggy)
  • Wait a sec what alternative i have? i love some of these apps.
    well you will defiantly find yourself in ultimate misery if you will cling to all those fancy apps, but if you explore your digital life you will never regret it.(here our focus is it maximize battery life) 
  • Here is what you can do about it:
    (manual install apps aka APK files,which are safe to download because they are open source)
    Use YALP Store open source app instead of play store,
    replace Gmail app  with K9mail.
    replace facebook app with swipe for facebook(if possible avoid using facebook and whatsapp in order to save PRIVACY)
    Replace Youtube app with Flytube
  • Uninstall every chitah mobile apps they are just full of adwares.(e.g. Clean master,QuickPic,speed booster etc)
  • If you are a crazy gamer/power user buy a long USB DATA Cable.plugin your device whenever it's possible if you are in very 'cold area'.
  • Set sleep timer of display to 30secs or lowest preferable time.
  • Uncheck unnecessary apps from 'protected apps' option in settings. it will stop running random apps in the background.
  • Develop Smartphone Etiquette use it only when it needed, most of time people get obsessed about it and read tons of 'trash content' everyday which leads to over thinking and sleep less nights and potentially leads to depressing days.Meditate when your phone is charging, it helps you calm your 'over thinking' mind.smarter mind leads to smart habits which creates efficient battery saving environment for you and your gadget.
  • Disable keyboard and unnecessary vibration alerts if possible.
  • Disable push notification option from rarely used apps install them if it;s possible.
  • Turn off Auto update if still wanna use google play store also disable it from the system update option found in settings menu.
  • Use Original charger this will potentially prevent damage done by other cheap chargers.
Every time you buy a new smartphone,make sure it has a huge 3000/4000mah+ battery life and Latest Android operating system version, how bow dah?

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