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2018 Mobile Data Speed Report : Canada,Australia,UK,USA,Brazil and India.

Most people argue that more telecom operator leads to competition and thus creating lower prices and higher average internet speed.

we are in 2018 and we all know that now just voice communication is not enough, world is moving towards smart communication so here i will share data about number of telecom operators vs their average internet speed.

Canada :
fastest operator speed: 38.3Mbps
average speed: 30.52Mbps
operators: 3

Australia :
fastest operator speed: 30.88Mbps
average speed: 28.39Mbps
operators: 3

UK :
fastest operator speed: 23.11Mbps
average speed: 15.88Mbps
operators: 4

fastest operator speed: 18.31Mbps
average speed: 14.225Mbps
operators: 4

Brazil :
fastest operator speed: 12.06Mbps
average speed: 8.028Mbps
operators: 5

India :
fastest operator speed: 5.81Mbps
average speed: 3.68Mbps
operators: 6

so according to this limited data india has the slowest internet speed but  when it comes down to money india has world's cheapest data provider. here is a plan from jio operator:
Plan from JIo(March 2018) :
Unlimited domestic calls,
2.28 USD (149 INR)
Validity: 28 days 

i can't list all country data in single article so feel free to visit official website of opensignal and checkout their data.

if you ain't satisfied with the speed it's time to tweet this article to your local operator/authority.
let them know we subscribers are aware of global internet race.


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