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Elon Musk: New Onboard Computer AI Chip by Tesla is 10 times faster than NVIDIA.

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Elon Musk has owned Zip2, X.com(which became PayPal) in the past and now he owns Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Hyperloop, OpenAI, Neuralink, The Boring Company

On Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company has been Secretly developing a chip for the past three years that’s 10 times faster than the existing Nvidia chip, which will slot into place and unlock full autonomy.

This achievement by Tesla will make them less depended on NVIDIA thus creating more control and efficiency over their AI based Autonomous projects.

Pete Bannon, the engineer who oversaw development of Apple’s A5 chip, in 2016 is the Man for pushing Tesla's Chip 10x than NVIDIA.

Faster hardware might add better autonomous driving functionality.

Having domestic AI chip will help Tesla in taking over a current competitive market.

the new Tesla chip would offer an order of magnitude improvement over Nvidia’s hardware (although he didn’t specify which generation). He also said that older Teslas could be retrofitted with the hardware.

Here is the transcript containing the main topic:

Our current hardware, which – I'm a big fan of NVIDIA, they do great stuff. But using a GPU, fundamentally it's an emulation mode, and then you also get choked on the bus. So, the transfer between the GPU and the CPU ends up being one that constrains the system. So, the net effect is we're able to, with the Tesla computer – and we've been like semi-stealth mode basically for the last two to three years on this, but I think it's probably time to let the cat out of the bag because the cat's going to come out of the bag anyway.

But it's an incredible job by Pete and his team to create this, the world's most advanced computer designed specifically for autonomous operation. And there's a rough sort of figure made, whereas the current NVIDIA-based hardware can do 200 frames a second, this is able to do over 2,000 frames a second and with full redundancy and fail-over. So, it's an amazing design and we're going to be looking to increase the size of our chip team and our investment in that as quickly as possible. I think we have some of the best acesin the world, but I think we want to build on that even more.


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