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Once You know about this 'Brain hacking' technique, you will realize why you are addicted to your smartphone.

Technology is a great tool but if it goes into 'irresponsible hands' it will work against you.
Specially Smartphone apps and their ecosystems wants you to get trapped into their system,they don't care even if it starts destroying your mental health and will power.

You can't come out from a problem if you don't know root of the problem.

 What app/game/OS Developers or Content creators wants from people exactly?:

         Here is the reality, since the beginning of time they wanted to make their product as engaging as possible.
They also want YOU to give them maximum attention on their product so that they can expand and make maximum money out of you.  silicon valley people have mastered this art. They have applied every possible psychological tricks to convert you from 'user' to 'slave' mode.

Here is how things work in apps/games :

      There is a video by Roger Dikey where he explains by creating discomfort within you, they can push their tools/products so that you can buy them and get back to normal 'relaxed' mode again.

      For example. You are playing an age of empire type of game where you are building your stuff but the process is slow and enemy is about to attack so naturally you would feel 'discomfort' and you will feel like you must buy/hire more managers/workers or new tools by using some tokens/points(they don't call it money so you don't feel you are losing money) so that you can speed up process and enter the next adventure.

      Roy Baumeister talks about how products can slowly control your will power. Developer wants you to give up your resistance towards 'in app purchases' and how do they do it?
Roy Baumeister shares about the term 'Ego Depletion':
Think of self-control as a muscle. Overusing a muscle at some early stage will likely tire out the muscle, and during subsequent stages, it will already be tired. This is exactly what the developers will do: it will keep testing (and slowly tiring) Your self-control muscle. It keeps showing a number of in-app purchases all through the game play.
      At the beginning you will resist. But the game knows You will keep resisting it. So it does not give up. Soft suggestions will keep showing up, without being disturbing, constantly tempting the gamer.

      Robert Cialdini talks about Reciprocity: "Reciprocity is the natural human tendency to return a favor. If someone does something for you, your natural human instincts want to do something for him/her in exchange." Developers will give you a game for 'free' you will start crossing levels and eventually you gain 'medals/ranks/points' and now when you are at slightly higher stage you don't wanna lose your position so now you force yourself to 'engage maximum' in the game even tho you don't enjoy it anymore.

Our mind use habits to simplify a lot of tasks where you don't do calculation and rethink about it.

"Habits are effortless actions that often save you needless analysis."

       For example, you don't confuse in the morning about what to use first toothbrush or a tongue cleaner? You will follow your habit and you will get things done easily.
Habit is good but only when it gives you positive outcomes in the long term.

Habits pushed by the app/game:
      When you play Clash of Clans, you know specific building will be up in, say, 2 hours and 20minutes. Your mind takes a note.

Candy Crush allows you a new life after, say, 45 minutes. Your mind takes a note.

YouTube will notify that one of your favorite Youtuber will go live via premiere feature withing 3 hours, even tho it's a prerecorded video you will keep checking up their channel until it starts they have chat feature so you will waste your time for no reason. (your past behavior used to be watch all video at the specific time)
All Youtubers has started doing this so you are keeping coming back and watching extra suggested video even tho you don't waned to watch that in the first place.

"Your mind has a made of note of checking out the FB/Whats app status or finding out how’s your friend's stats doing on PUBG"

   And Even if you don’t consciously remember the promise, your hands will suddenly pull out your smartphone and before you realize, you keep feeding your habit behaviors at subtle level.

 So the app/game has ensured you will keep playing/using their stuff.now they want you to become their promoter. For instance, they will say if you add your friends you and your friend will get 'this benefit'.

    For every time you shared the game, you get something of value/reward. Like getting a coin, a medal/badge, a life and so on. The first time your friend plays a game, you will get something of value.

    So you keep inviting friends, in the quest of collecting more and more of lives, medals, badges and suits and Sharing should make the game play more enriching. Different games will do it differently.

Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked, says a former Google product manager.This video talks about 'Brain hacking' techniques please check this out:


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