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Gmail Trick

hiiiiiii ,
so, let's learn hacking gmail accounts ...

oops sorry  just kidding :)
today i'm going sharing an interesting bug of Gmail . so this is a bug of a simple .(dot) in email id.
i think many of you are having dot in email id ,: example :computer.hacks@gmail.com
i have also this kind of email id.
so. when ever you enter dot in any place in your email id.you will  successfully gain access  to your account . in yaah in fact if your email id is like this : computerhacks@gmail.com (without any dot) and if you add any dot in your id , you can still gain access to your account !! so, i actually don't know  it is a bug or gift for noobs :p .. but what ever it is ,, it's interesting ...
so enjoy......